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The Ihy Saga is a series of young adult urban fantasy books, written by Belfast-based author Bill Ricardi.

The core theme of the series revolves around the ancient Egyptian god Ihy, who personified the joys of sex and music.

After over a millennia of powerlessness in the mortal realm, the Internet made music and erotica ubiquitous. Ihy's power resurged, and he found himself able to once again manifest on Earth.

At the turn of the 21st century, Ihy started to find Hosts for each of his 72 children. Hosts are human partners willing to share their body in exchange for supernatural power.

The first series, starting with 'Rhythm', is the tale of Lucas. Lucas is offered the Hosting of one of Ihy's youngest sons, Izadore. After learning to control his rhythm based combat and seduction powers, Lucas needs to dodge assassination by religious zealots while making plans to escape his sleepy one horse town.

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